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Aesthetic Treatments

Radiance MediSpa offer a wide range of aesthetic treatments such as laser hair removal, injectables, treatment for acne scaring, dermal fillers and non-invasive liposuction.  Read below to find out more about the treatments we offer and click ‘learn more’ to visit the treatment pages.

What to expect at your first aesthetics consultation?

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The Ageing Process Explained

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Finance calculator

Looking to break the cost of treatments up into monthly payments? Our finance calculator allows you calculate a repayment length of up to 24 months and breaks down the cost on a monthly basis.



The Aesthetics Team

Dr Ros Debenham, with over 30 years of medical experience leads the aesthetic team along with daughter Katie Debenham who leads the laser team. The team’s approach is friendly yet professional to give you the best advice using tried and tested treatments throughout your journey. The testimonials and results speak for themselves




Botox – Anti-Wrinkle Injections

Botox is used to smooth out fine lines and wrinkles such as crow’s feet and forehead lines on the face. It is the most common rejuvenating and anti ageing treatment. Dr Ros Debenham personally carries out all consultations, treatments and top-ups using the latest techniques in this ever changing area. Botox is also used for migraines.




Hyperhydrosis – Excessive Sweating

Botox is used to stop the action of the sweat glands that over produce sweat. This is a preferable alternative to prescription anti perspirants or surgery. It is also a common treatment before weddings and holidays. The results last about 6 months. All treatments are carried out personally by Dr Ros Debenham.




Dermal Fillers – Wrinkle Reduction

Dermal fillers are used to ‘fill lines’ and restore volume in your face to give a more youthful appearance. Dr Ros Debenham’s overall facial assessment is key, and she personally carries out all treatments. Your ‘tired looking eyes’ and a ‘sad face’ can be transformed using the latest, safe fillers. Lips, cheeks and tear trough areas are the most commonly treated.




PDO Threads – Non-surgical facelift

PDO (Polidioxanone) threads provides an immediately lift for your skin, creating more volume and stimulating collagen production around the treated area to give tighter skin and a more youthful appearance. Dr Ros Debenham personally carries out all PDO consultations and treatments.




Profhilo – Skin Tightening

The lower third of the face tends to show more wrinkles & sagging due to the ageing phenomenon eventually leading to ‘jowl formation’.The whole face loses plumpness starting from as young as 30. Profhilo is a specific (HA) hyaluronic acid filler that stimulates the body to produce it’s own HA as well as stimulating skin tightening.




Thermage – Skin Tightening

This is the gold standard of skin tightening as used by Catherine Zeta Jones and Gwyneth Paltrow. It is used for saggy jowls, smokers lines, lined eyes and bags. It also gives an overall more youthful look by stimulating your skin to produce it’s own collagen. Dr Ros Debenham and Katie Debenham carry out all treatments.



Non-surgical Blepharoplasty

As we age the elasticity of our skin weakens, this excess skin can become particularly visible around our eyes. Our non-surgical Blepharoplasty treatment uses the latest laser technology from Plexr which uses plasma energy to tighten the skin. As the laser’s energy does not go as deep as the basal membrane, there is no bleeding or cutting of the skin.



CoolSculpting – Non-surgical liposuction

Stubborn fat that remains despite using diets and expensive gym memberships is permanently removed in one hour using this FDA approved, medical fat freezing machine. It is an alternative to liposuction, without the side effects and risks of surgery, yet gives the results that beauty salon treatments just cannot. Treatments are carried out by Dr Ros Debenham and Katie Debenham.





Your skin is at its most beautiful when it’s healthy. HydraFacial restores and replenishes your skin to its healthiest state by removing impurities leaving you looking better and dramatically improving your skins health.




Indiba – Skin Tightening

Radio frequency is used to stimulate collagen production and so produce skin tightening. Used for saggy jowls, necks and the eye area it gives a more youthful, rejuvenated look. The body can also be treated for lifting to the breast, bottom and bingo wing areas. It is often used as a ‘red carpet treatment’ by celebrities or as part of a course of treatments.




Nanopore – Micro-needling

The Nanopore Micro-needling device is the next generation on from Dermaroller and Dermapen. The rapidity of the micro-punctures means that no anaesthetic cream is required and the number of pulses per second is increased to 150 making the treatment very quick.




Clear + Brilliant – Anti-ageing laser

Fractional laser technique therapy that improves skin texture, brightness and reduces pore size. For all ages, it is used as a treatment for dull skin to give a youthful complexion and as a preventative treatment. One of the ‘Red carpet’ treatments it gives great results pre-wedding or any event or as part of an on going program.




Chemical Peel – rejuvenate the skin

Ranging from the ‘Hollywood, non-peel peel’ up to the Obagi Blue Peels our range of peels address pigmentation, dullness, lax skin and acne. Peels can be one-offs for an event, before starting a rejuvenation program or as part of a package. Peels can be in combination with Indiba.




Laser Tattoo Removal

Tattoo’s can often have great sentimental value, however sometime people come to regret their decision. Our Q-plus C laser tattoo remover works on 3 primary wavelengths, with each wavelength targeting different ink colours, as well as pigmentation lesions.




Halo Hair Loss

Hair loss, balding and thinning hair in men and women. Low level laser is used to stimulate hair growth and regrowth. No drugs are required, just supplements, so no side effects are experienced. Treatment courses are over one year with one treatment every six weeks as a maintenance.




Laser Vein Removal

Unsightly red and blue veins on the face and body are removed using laser light. One or more treatments will be required with a patch test first of all. Treatments have little to no downtime and results are seen from the outset. Katie Debenham and Charlie King carry out all treatments.




Laser Hair removal

A safe alternative to waxing or shaving, laser hair reduction is carried out by Katie Debenham and Charlie King using IPL. A course of treatments are required to give maximum results. Excess facial and body hair in both men and women can be treated as long as the hair has some colour to it.




Laser Skin Rejuvenation

Laser treatments to deal with pigmentation, brown age-spots, red veins and skin tightening to give a more youthful appearance. Single treatments or courses of treatments may be chosen. Little to no down time is experienced. An initial complimentary consultation with Katie debenham is required.




Laser Acne Treatment

Laser treatments to deal with pigmentation, brown age-spots, red veins and skin tightening to give a more youthful appearance. Single treatments or courses of treatments may be chosen. Little to no down time is experienced. An initial complimentary consultation with Katie debenham is required.




Laser Pigmentation

Age spots and pigmentation due to sun exposure give an aged appearance. Clearing the complexion gives a much more youthful appearance and avoids the need for concealers. One or more treatments will be require. Little to no downtime is experienced, just slight temporary darkening of the area. A complimentary skin consultation with Katie Debenham is require before commencing treatments.





ResurFACE fractional laser resurfacing treatment provides a versatile range of different fractional resurfacing laser treatments, including congestion clearing, skin smoothing, scar revision, wrinkle reduction and stretch mark removal.




Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy

Fluctuating hormones can cause problems even from the beginning; at puberty, after or postnatally. Bio-identical hormones (BHRT) selected from a range of 6 hormones that are identical to a woman’s hormones however are safe & are titrated to her body’s needs.




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