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CoolSculpting & Cool Mini Non-surgical liposuction

The Problem

Our fat cells are laid down at birth and puberty, in a distribution that is usually similar to our parents: Some people have slim legs and even when they put on weight it goes straight to their abdomen not their legs. Other people tend to put weight on in the love handle area. These stubborn areas of fat are notoriously difficult to get rid of even with a considerable amount of exercise and strict diets. Often it requires you to lose too much weight and it comes off your face as well giving a gaunt look. This is where the saying ” It’s either my face or my bum”, comes from.


How CoolSculpting was developed

Developed by Harvard scientists, the unique, patented, clinically proven procedure involves freezing fat cells without damage to any other cells. CoolSculpting is a non-surgical procedure designed to target and permanently remove those stubborn fat cells from areas of your body.



The Treatment

A suction pad is applied to the area  and it draws up the fat and skin between two metal plates that then extracts the heat from the body. Our new updated applicators lower the temperature by a further 1°C to get even better results, with treatments now taking just 30 – 45 mins per area (instead of 1 hour). At the end of the treatment the pad is removed and the frozen area massaged. The fat cells die due to the freezing and are then permanently and naturally eliminated from the body over a 3 month period.


CoolSculpting vs. other non-surgical liposuction treatments

There are many, many non-surgical treatments on the market, often at seemingly low prices. CoolSculpting differs because:

  • It is permanent and actually removes the fat cells
  • Other treatments just help reduce the fat within the cells so a weight increase will not give you permanent results
  • One single treatment will give results
  • It is not dependent on exercise or diet
  • The safety profile of the equipment is second to none.


Comparison to Liposuction

Many clients who have had liposuction cannot believe how easy and painless CoolSculpting is in comparison to a surgical liposuction. There is little to no downtime, minimal side effects and the cost is considerably less. The privacy element is always of concern and because there are no garments to wear after the treatment and minimal discomfort nobody need know.


Which areas can be treated with CoolSculpting?

We can treat double chins with the new Cool-Mini applicator. This treatment takes just 45 minutes.

Applicators Tummy Love Handles Bingo Wings Bra Straps Saddle Bags Inner Thighs Inner Knees Above Knees Chin
Cool Max
Cool Core
Cool Curve
Cool Curve+
Cool Fit
Cool Smooth
Cool Mini


Downtime with CoolSculpting

There is little to no downtime and we do not advise booking days off work. Sometimes there is bruising and swelling of the area but this subsides quickly. If there is pain afterwards it is usually relieved by taking Paracetamol but very rarely prescription medication may be required.


Aftercare required with CoolSculpting

No anti-inflammatory tablets such as ibuprofen should be taken for at least a week after a treatment

Drinking lots of water and eating sensibly, including lots of fresh foods, fish and lean meat will help your body focus on repairing and removing the fat cells.


CoolSculpting Results

You can start to see the results from as early as 1 month with the final result being at 3 months. 


Cool Mini

The new Cool-Mini For double chins and smaller areas of the body: We learn to stand and hold our heads to give our most flattering profile but catching a glimpse of ourself in the mirror can be less than pleasing. We have had such success with CoolSculpting on the body, abdomen, bingo wings, love handles etc that we have been looking into and trialling the Cool-Mini, the newest addition to the Coolsculpting family.

The Cool-Mini has been designed to drop the temperature by 1 degree more than standard CoolSculpting,so a treatment takes just 45 minutes. The Cool-Mini fits snuggly over your double chin as well as those annoying areas that the previous CoolSculpting attachments just couldn’t. This means we can now, as well as tackling your double chin, we can address fat over the knees and inner knee area, front and back bra strap areas and many other smaller areas. As with other CoolSculpting treatments there will be some discomfort after the treatment but rarely is there any bruising so no time is recommended off work.

The results start from about 1 month, with full results at 3- 4 months.

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How do I book an appointment for CoolSculpting?

If you are considering CoolSculpting call us to book a complimentary consultation with Dr Debenham or Katie Debenham.

How much does CoolSculpting cost?

A small area costs £800 for the treatment that takes about 1 1/2 hours. Occasionally, if you have a large frame, a lower abdominal area would be £1,400.

CoolSculpting Results

Patients can begin to see results from as early as 1 month with the final result being at 3 months. 


  1. A.D5

    The Coolsculpting treatment I received was fine. I was made as comfortable as possible, and although I cannot say it was enjoyable, I found the whole process perfectly acceptable. 

    It appears to be working; the bruising and swelling went within a week, and I can see some reduction already.

  2. sharon baker5

    I had this treatment a couple of years ago. At the time Ros told me it had ‘changed her life’ when she had it done personally and I can only echo that sentiment. Despite being a size 10 I have always had fat knees. They are not perfect but at least I feel normal now and feel so much happier in a bikini or shorts. I would not have lipo or any procedure that involves a general anaesthetic but this genuinely works with apparently no risk or down time.

  3. L.H.B

    As someone who over the years has undergone various treatments at top clinics around the world I was anxious that when I moved to Exeter I would not be able to find a Clinic with the same level of expertise and service I was used to. However thankfully a very good friend highly recommended Dr Ros and Katie Debenham at Radiance Medispa and I have never looked back.From the moment you step through their beautifully designed chic clinic you instantly feel at ease and relaxed. You are welcomed with extreme friendliness and courtesy from all the staff who are beautifully presented, professional, knowledgeable and experts in their field. Every procedure and treatment is explained in minute detail and the after care service is second to none. I have recommended Radiance MediSpa for various treatments to many of my friends who regularly comment that since I have attended the clinic my hair and skin look amazing. I cannot recommend Dr Ros and her team highly enough. She is an amazing aesthetic practitioner a true expert in her field, she listens to what you want, reassures, advices in every capacity and is very knowledgeable. I believe that anyone who steps into Radiance Medispa will always come out feeling and looking a millions dollars…….

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