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  1. Going deeper than the simple facial

    Having a facial is a great way to feel pampered. They are wonderfully relaxing & leave your skin feeling beautifully clean. But ordinary facials do little more than cleanse & help you unwind in the short term.

  2. Your collagen intake

    “You are what you eat”, therefore, after Christmas, & obviously having been a Turkey stuffed with sausages and mince pies, it is a good time to think about boosting your collagen intake because this certainly does affect your skin.

  3. Don’t beat around the bush

    The words ‘Hollywood’ or ‘Brazilian’ in the beauty industry don’t conjure up images of wealthy boulevard stars or gorgeously tanned foreigners, instead rather the less exotic types of bikini waxing.

    Most of us have talked about it, thought about it or even had it, but there are some of us who still want to know – what are they? 

  4. Why you start to look like your mum?

    We see ourselves in our mothers which is ok when our mother is young but as she ages, we are naturally less pleased. Understanding the ageing process, that volume replacement & collagen stimulation are the treatments of choice, lets us realise that daughters & mothers can both look younger.

  5. Nails: Natural Acrylics

    Acrylics were one of the first nail treatments to be introduced to the modern beauty industry. Love them or hate them, acrylic nails are here to stay and we’ve heard they’re making a comeback.

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