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Hair Extensions Mini lock hair extensions for thicker, longer hair

The Problem

Thick, long hair has always been a sign of beauty and youth. However, because of the varying length of an individual’s hair growth cycle, often you cannot grow your hair beyond a certain length. Putting off cuts to get the length just makes the ends grow wispy and is not the answer.


Are Hair Extensions suitable for mid length hair?

Hair extensions are not just for length; giving volume to a ‘bob’ gives superb results.

Another Advantage of having Hair Extensions.

The frequency that you have to wash your hair is dramatically reduced. A quick spray with some dry shampoo to the roots is often all that is needed in the mornings.


The Treatment

The best hair to use is 100% human and, for the ultimate natural look, should be fitted with the discreet mini locks or ultra locks. These are the safest and most comfortable attachment on the market, as they don’t involve any heat or glue and are only 3mm in size. Hair extensions can vary in length, thickness, condition and therefore quality. The hair used with the mini/ultra lock method of application is Russian/Mongolian hair, which is thick from root to tip.


The Consultation

A full consultation with Evie is necessary to discuss your desired look, to inform you of aftercare and maintenance, colour match, to show you before and after photographs and to give you a precise price.

Depending on your desired look and whether you choose to go for a half head of extensions (for added volume/colour) or a full head (for volume and length) application time can vary from 2 hours to 5 hours.


The Maintenance

Maintenance appointments are needed every 8-12 weeks as the hair extensions will grow down with your natural hair growth. The extensions are moved up closer to the scalp to keep them hidden. The maintenance appointments can also take 2-5 hours, timings and costs for these appointments will also be discussed at your initial consultation. Cut and colour treatments can go ahead during an extension rotation appointment.

Hair extension prices normally start from £150 and can be anything up to £600 depending on your specific desires.


How long does a set of ‘hair’ last?

It depends on how you look after your ‘hair’ but a set of ‘hair’ extensions may last 9 months.


What happens at an ‘Extension Appointment’.

1.         Your stylist will shampoo with a clarifying shampoo and blow dry your hair.

2.         She will trim any split ends and texture your hair so the extensions will blend in.

3.         She will start in rows from the back, working in small sections of the clients hair and connecting the mini lock, then inserting the extension inside the lock before squeezing the lock flat and shut with hair pliers.

4.         Once the back and sides have been fitted the hair is straightened and, on completion, she will cut it to blend in and give an really natural finish.

5.         Your hair can then not be washed for 48 hours.


What extra care is needed when having Hair Extensions?

Hair Extension shampoos, conditioners, brushes and hair bands are strongly recommended as well as regular maintenance appointments.

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