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Beauty Salon

Award Winning Beauty Salon

Winners of Exeter Living’s 2019 Hair and Beauty category.

Our team of award-winning beauty therapists have a wealth of experience between them across a range of beauty specialities.

Beauty Salon Price List


Manicure with paint:£25
Manicure & Pedicure:£49
Shellac manicure & pedicure: £55
Shellac manicure£28
Shellac pedicure:£35
Pedicure & paint:£30
Callus foot peel:£20
Pedicure, shellac & foot peel: £45
Shellac removal with file & tidy:£15
Acrylic extensions (full set)*:£48
Acrylic re-whites*:£35
Acrylic overplay and paint*: £40
Acrylic removal & new set*:£60
Acrylic removal & tidy: £25
Acrylic infills*:£30

*For a shellac finish there is an additional charge of £5

25% cancellation fee if less than 48 hours notice.

Massage Price List

Back & neck (25 mins):£35
Full body (55 mins):£50
Hot stone (1hr 25min):£60
Back, neck, chest & head (40 mins):  £45
Semi-permanent Make-Up : Hair-stroke / Powder brows, Eye-liner, Lash-line & Lip & blush liner: From £295

*Price may vary depending on the extent of treatment required

25% cancellation fee if less than 48 hours notice.


Spray tan:£25
Jane Iredale make-up and colour match:   

(Complimentary Jane Iredale Foundation colour match.)
Ear Piercing:£20

*Price may vary depending on the extent of treatment required

25% cancellation fee if less than 48 hours notice.

Eyelashes & Eyebrows:

Eyelash tint:£18
Eyebrow tint: £10
Eyebrow tint and tidy:£15
Lash & brow tint:  £25
Lash & brow tint & tidy:£27
Eyelash lift: £35
Eyelash lift & tint: £45
Eyelash extensions:£60
Infill: £30*
Volume lashes:£60
Infill: £34

*Price may vary depending on the extent of treatment required

25% cancellation fee if less than 48 hours notice.


Chin: £8
Lip & chin:£11
Eyebrows & lip:£15
Face sides:£10
Full face:£28

25% cancellation fee if less than 48 hours notice.


Lip & chin: £11
Underarm: £15
Nasal: £8

Extended bikini:£25
Brazilian or Hollywood: £30
Arm:  £20
Half leg:£18
Full leg:£28

25% cancellation fee if less than 48 hours notice.

£10 OFF for new clients!

A cancellation fee may apply if appointments are cancelled less than 48 hours prior to your booking. You may also be asked to pay a deposit at the time of booking if you have missed, moved or cancelled an appointment less that 48 hours prior to your booking. Prices may vary.


Shellac Manicure – Nail treatment which is sometimes referred to as a gel manicure, is a long-lasting treatment. Almost every Shellac or gel polish treatment will last 14 days some people find it can stay in place for longer without any chips or breaks.

Recommendation for maintenance every 2-3 weeks

Shellac Pedicure – Long lasting nail treatment, including foot soak, foot exfoliation and foot massage. Removes dead skin cells which encourages new cell growth creating smoother and more attractive feet.

Recommendation for maintenance every 4-6 weeks

Callus Foot peel – Luxury foot treatment that removes hard, callused skin leaving your feet feeling soft and revitalised.

Recommendation for maintenance every 6-8 weeks

Acrylic Nails –  Acrylic nails create a hard protective layer over your natural nails. They can be created to match the shape of your nail, change the shape or to extend your nail length. You can either have ordinary or Shellac polish over the top to finish.

Recommendation for maintenance every 2-4 weeks

Waxing –  Waxing is a method of semi-permanent hair removal which removes the hair from the hair follicle.This means that new hair will not grow back for 2-6 weeks and because it has a tapered tip it looks less dense.

Recommendation for maintenance every 2-6 weeks depending on rate of hair growth and the area being waxed.

Massage –  Massage therapy is a treatment that is growing in demand and popularity. A relaxing massage has many benefits; it can boost the immune system, improve well-being, reduce inflammation, reduce pain and discomfort, improve sleep and relieve headaches.

Recommendation for maintenance – Every 4 weeks

Threading –  Threading is an ancient method of hair removal that is becoming very popular. A cotton thread is pulled along unwanted hair in a twisting motion and removes the entire hair from the follicle. It is used all over the face or just the brow area to shape the brows. It gives a lovely finish and means that when make-up is applied it goes on more smoothly.

Recommendation for maintenance – Every 4-6 weeks

Spray Tan – A treatment in the which the body is sprayed with a tanning product which reacts with the skin to produce an artificial glowing suntan. We have several different types depending on the depth of colour or rapidity or results required. We use Fake Bake and Vita Liberata. We also have the Vita Liberata anti-aging spray tan.

Eyelash Extensions –  Eyelash extensions are used to enhance the length, curliness, fullness and thickness of natural eyelashes.

Recommendation for maintenance – 2-4 weeks

Eyelash lift –  A Lash lift is like a perm for your lashes. The lash lift sets the shape of your lashes using a solution. A lash lift gives you a nice upward shape and a realistic curl.

Recommendation for maintenance – 6- 8 weeks.

Eyelash tint / eyebrow tint –  Tinting will enhance the general appearance of your eyes. Unlike mascara the effect is very natural and very beneficial to define the eyebrows and lashes.

Recommendation for maintenance Every  4-6 weeks

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Meet the Team

Jade Turnbull

Jade has been a qualified beauty therapist since the age of 18 and throughout her Radiance career has also been trained in many aesthetic and laser treatments. She is very passionate about skincare and skin health and helping clients with any skin concerns that are knocking their confidence. Jade is trained in Semi-permanent makeup which is also known as micro-pigmentation or cosmetic tattooing.

This is a procedure whereby minute particles of natural and synthetic iron oxide colour pigments are implanted a little more than 1.5mm below the skin surface, depending on the area being treated, using a handpiece tool that holds sterile needle grouping.
It can last around 18 months to 5 years and will fade out gradually over time and top up treatments will be required approximately every 12-18 months to keep this treatment looking fresh. This is an amazing treatment if you are tired of pencilling in your brows daily or want to change the shape of your brow and make them a little fuller and add a bit more colour behind the hairs to achieve that defined brow with minimal effort.
Jade doesn’t just treat the eyebrows, she can also enhance the lashline and lips with all the same benefits.

Amy Ware

Amy is a fully qualified Beauty and Aesthetic Therapist with over seven years experience. During Amy’s career she has enjoyed working internationally and throughout the Uk as a Training Manager. With Amy’s exceptional skincare knowledge she specialises in skin camera consultations for complete skin rejuvenation. She is also highly trained and experienced in delivering many Aesthetic treatments such as skin tightening, laser treatments and chemical peels.
“I am very passionate and committed to ensure all clients are provided with the highest standard of treatments and love working with all clients to make them look and feel their best”.

Anna Rzeszut

Anna has worked at Radiance 2 years and is one of our most requested Beauty Therapists by her loyal clients for beauty treatments. She is known as the ‘Eyebrow Queen’ of Radiance.

Anna completed her beauty qualifications at the very prestigious European School of Beauty & Make Up in Krakow, Poland. Anna has also taken lots of courses in the UK to keep up to date with new and exciting treatments and further her skills.

Anna has worked as a professional make-up artist in Poland and the UK. She has worked alongside some well know photographers and her work has been published in glossy magazines worldwide. Anna is available at Radiance for occasional make-up and tutorials, please ask at reception for more details.

Anna’s real passion is eyelashes and eyebrows. She can create the most fantastic set of eyebrows out of the most tragic over plucked set. She uses tint, wax and threading to create and define the brows. Anna is the only therapist at Radiance that can thread, she uses her skills not only for eyebrows but it can be used to remove un wanted facial hair. One of our most popular beauty treatments is the last lift, it curls the eye lashes and opens up the eye area. Anna is amazing at this treatment and gets her clients great results.

Anna is passionate about beauty and enjoys building a rapport with her clients. Whether it’s a relaxing pedicure or perfecting your eyebrows you will be delighted with her services and the results.

Laura Clarke

Laura qualified as a level 3 beauty therapist at Exeter College. She specialises in eyelash extensions, shellac and acrylic nails. She loves doing nails and her perfectionism is evident. Ask her to pick your colour for you – most clients do! She is also trained in our collagen stimulating facial and enjoys doing all treatments.