Laser hair loss treatment: Halo Elite

Halo Hair Loss

Male pattern baldness affects 6.5 million men in the UK. Men who are bald are common sights that we accept as ‘normal’. In fact many men choose to shave their heads at a very early stage of hair loss. A balding woman, however, is not a common sight and women will go to extreme lengths to hide thinning hair and the stigma attached to it with elaborate hairstyles and copious amounts of products.

There are an estimated 8 million women in the UK with some hair loss, many of whom lose self confidence and self esteem and some even become reclusive for fear of their baldness being discovered.

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Why professional hair colour is best

All our stylists have years of experience and are always kept up to date with colour knowledge. All new clients to the salon are patch tested to check for allergy.


To maintain colour vibrancy at home and for longer you should use the KMS colour vitality shampoo and conditioner. For blonde hair, however, there is a separate shampoo that keeps blondes looking fresh and clean, by neutralising yellow tones that can ‘creep up on you’..

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The Radiance definitive haircare regime

Achieve that salon finish everyday.

After visiting our salon most clients comment on the lovely smooth and shiny look and feel of their hair, even if it’s just a wash and blow-dry that they’ve had. A look, they say, that they can never achieve at home.

KMS Mosit Repair Conditioner

It’s no secret that drying, straightening, curling and styling our hair causes daily damage and most of us don’t know what our hair really needs to protect it from the exposure of this damage. Continue reading “The Radiance definitive haircare regime”

Hair Perfume: Herra Protect

Lipstick check. Perfume check. Hair perfume check?

We often get asked if spraying perfume onto your hair is healthy. The simple answer is no. Spraying perfume onto the hair will dry out the hair because normal perfume contains alcohol. The best way to freshen up the smell of your hair is with specially adapted hair perfume such as, Herra Protect Hair Perfume. But, apart from the obvious advantage of having great smelling hair, Herra Protect also protects the hair from UV rays, pollution and free radicals keeping it conditioned and healthy looking.

Herra hair perfume

Product name inspired from Hera – the Greek Goddess of women (she was known for her beauty).
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IPL laser hair removal explained

Laser hair removal is the most effective method to reduce unwanted hair. On average a woman will shave 12 times a month which equates to 7,718 times in a lifetime, which is why so many women are turning to laser for their hair removal.


In the UK most women prefer to remove the hair from the underarm area, legs (lower and or upper) and bikini area to varying degrees. Some have treatments on their face and some their arms. The thickness and therefore the visibility of the hair is often due to ethnicity, but can be due to some medical conditions such as Polycystic ovary syndrome.

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