Chemical Peels: Fear no more

Chemical peels are liquids brushed onto the face to remove dead skin cells & stimulate the growth of new cells. They work for any age & any skin type, helping reduce blemishes & even out skin tone.

Peels were the number one cosmetic procedure in the late 90’s but went out of fashion when laser treatments came in. Since that time Peels have become much more sophisticated. In the past they used strong acids to remove skin layers & could be very painful. Today chemical peels use more sensitive & gentle ingredients, some including skin nutrients which aid in giving elasticity & glow.

A chemical peel is perfectly safe as long as the correct peel is used to match your skin type. At Radiance MediSpa all of our therapists are fully qualified in the specific peels. We will always perform a full assessment to ensure you get the ideal treatment & the best results.

Signs of aging such as wrinkles, pigmented age spots & dull skin can be reduced using peels. They are also great for fading acne or mild scars & repairing the skin to reduce the risk of skin cancer. Once the top layer of cells is removed, your body sends signals to the cells beneath to multiply & replace them, to make more hyaluronic acid (natural moisturiser) & collagen – essentially to ‘act younger’.

There are many types of peel, working on just the top layer of skin or deeper. Some will cause the very top layer of skin to peel off (don’t worry, it’s a micro-thin layer & doesn’t hurt), others will have a milder effect & also nourish the skin. You can have a one off peel for a red carpet event, or regular peels as part of a course or as maintenance.

Having a gentle Peel will also help your current cosmetic & care regime, as it allows your products to have a deeper effect. ZO skincare & Skinade collagen supplement drink work beautifully in combination with a peel, to provide the building blocks for collagen stimulation & more youthful skin.
Alongside a Hydrafacial & Indiba you’ll gain even better results, amplifying the benefits of both treatments for a 1 + 1 = 3!

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