Hair Perfume: Herra Protect

Lipstick check. Perfume check. Hair perfume check?

We often get asked if spraying perfume onto your hair is healthy. The simple answer is no. Spraying perfume onto the hair will dry out the hair because normal perfume contains alcohol. The best way to freshen up the smell of your hair is with specially adapted hair perfume such as, Herra Protect Hair Perfume. But, apart from the obvious advantage of having great smelling hair, Herra Protect also protects the hair from UV rays, pollution and free radicals keeping it conditioned and healthy looking.

Herra hair perfume

Product name inspired from Hera – the Greek Goddess of women (she was known for her beauty).
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Exeter City Centre Christmas Lights

exeter chrismtas market

As a proud local business in Exeter, Radiance MediSpa want to contribute towards community projects where possible. This Christmas we are helping the Exeter Leukaemia fund raise money, whilst putting the sparkle back into the High Street via the crowd funded Exeter Christmas Lights Campaign.

Want to get involved yourself? Simply click ‘pledge’ and help us hit our £8,000 target!
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Treatments for fat reduction

Non-surgical fat reduction in the form of CoolSculpting means we no longer have to put up with our stubborn fatty areas. A one hour long session will say “good bye” forever to fat cells that subsequently disappear over the next 30-90 days. This short clip from the States explains:

Having been a GP for 22 years I regularly saw patients who had had substandard liposuction. They had undergone a general anaesthetic, suffered a lot of pain, bruising and swelling and the vast majority would not have had the treatment done had they realised the extent of the downtime. CoolSculpting is non-invasive, requires no anaesthetic or constricting garments to be worn after the treatment. Clients often come back for more areas to be treated once they see the dramatic results that are easily achieved. Continue reading “Treatments for fat reduction”

Top tips for building muscle

This week we asked London based personal trainer and nutrition expert Myles Hopper for his top tips on building muscle. Myles has trained many different clients with many different goals ranging from professional athletes, models, businessmen, parents, children and people who just want to look and feel better. His extensive research has led him to being featured in The Daily Mail and Shortlist Magazine.

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