How to get skin care that actually cares for your skin

Advertising is very clever in how it makes us believe that products work. Claims such as ‘9 out of 10 people felt their skin was smoother/softer/less wrinkled’, simply after applying a product are meaningless.

There is no scientific evidence to back them up. Our skin simply doesn’t have time to change in the short periods the ‘studies’ use. Any ‘softer feeling’ will only be a short-lived effect of having a cream on our face. Butter would have the same short-term effect, and that’s certainly not going to nurture your skin in the long run!

Many products list active & inactive ingredients. Look closely and you’ll find that the ‘effective ingredient’ is often in the inactive list because it cannot be absorbed by the skin in the form that the product contains.

The active ingredients that our skin needs to stay young & supple are anti oxidant & Retinol. However, both these ingredients can cause short-term redness & dryness. This would hardly encourage us to buy them, so over the counter products are not made with sufficient quantities to have any real effect. This way over the counter products avoid bad reports from consumers, but are ineffective.
Most people have a cupboard full of skin care products that they have never finished because they have not had the desired result. They then choose the next product that they see advertised, or pick whatever is on special offer. It may seem cheaper to buy lower priced or discounted products, but since they don’t work it is actually a waste of money.

At Radiance we use ZO & Sesderma skin care products with adequate levels of active ingredients to cleanse, exfoliate, protect the skin & stimulate collagen production. These may appear more expensive, but they will last longer than cheaper brands – plus they will genuinely benefit your skin and produce age-defying results.

Stop relying on empty promises and start getting genuine skin-care. Call us for advice or come in & we’ll show you the ZO & Sesderma ranges & advise you on what is best for your skin.