How do I know whether I am suitable for Botox?

Most people know that Botox can reduce wrinkles, but many think that it can be used all over the face. In fact different treatments are required depending on the area & causes of wrinkles.

Generally Botox is used from the eyes up & dermal fillers from the eyes down. It’s also important to use the right products & have a healthy skincare regime.

When is Botox right?

We develop our facial expressions from people who have been in our lives from an early age, usually our parents. If our parents are frowners we tend to be frowners too.

When our skin is young, full of collagen & very elastic, the skin bounces back after a frown. As the collagen diminishes with age the wrinkles caused by frowning remain, even at rest, & grow ever deeper.

Botox stops the muscle movement that causes these wrinkles, by blocking the message being sent to the muscle. If you frown as you touch your skin lightly with one finger, you will feel the muscle contracting & this will tell you that Botox will be likely to be an effective treatment for lines in that area.

Of course you will always get a full assessment by our expert team. Unlike some walk-in clinics, we will only treat if we know that it is safe for you, & that it will lead to the results you want. We advise great care when choosing a clinic because not everyone offers the high levels of care that we do at Radiance MediSpa.

The best time to treat wrinkles is when they are just apparent while frowning. Once they are present at rest they can still be treated but cannot always be completely removed.

If Botox is not the right treatment, we can advise you on the best, non-surgical alternative. Book a complimentary consultation to discuss Botox & how we can help.

Dr Ros & Nurse Helen £345 for a Botox treatment including 2 week follow up.