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Cheek fillers

I consulted Dr. Ros a year ago for cheek and under the mouth filler (to lift my face/jowl in general) and was absolutely satisfied with the result. A year down the line I felt more lift was required and she treated my cheeks to gently lift my features from the top down. Again I love the result, no bruising, had the treatment on Friday and went back to work on the Monday. I will be back for more treatments in the future, no doubt and just to mention I travel from Kent to Devon to specifically consult with Dr. Ros as I love what she does.


Under arm laser treatment

I have fair skin and fair hair but decided to try laser hair removal. Despite having light to medium hair I have seen a marked difference after a few sessions. Amy has been a wonderful therapist in more ways than one!

Laser hair removal

Youth elixir

I am a 34 year old woman with prominent tear troughs. After a successful (first ever) Botox treatment with Dr Ros I decided to address them. She really took the time to explain the procedure and aftercare. I felt safe in her capable hands. The result was subtle but wonderful in rejuvenating my appearance. For the first time in nearly 10 years I got ID’d buying wine in M&S! I left empty handed (I left my driving licence at home) but incredibly happy!

Tear trough filler

Botox brilliance changed my life

I was really nervous about having my first ever aesthetic treatment and Dr Roz was fantastic at explaining the procedure and rationale. It has not only improved my forehead lines but virtually cured my migraines. There is a growing body of evidence Botox can help with mental health and I can certainly have seen my anxiety and mood have improve too. Life changing.



This treatment has improved the texture and quality of my skin dramatically without looking ‘treated’. Couldn’t be more pleased.



Dr Ros absolutely lived up to my expectations. Not only does she expertly understand every element of facial treatments with botox and filler, but she can explain it in the detail so many practitioners do not do. She is a cautious and compassionate Dr who is an expert on the contours of the face and what is and isn’t required for the patient, I am thrilled with the obagi retinol , its just the best product out there & any clinic stocking it knows its stuff. Fantastic botox results, quicker then any i’ve had before as started to show within a week.

Botox and Obagi brightening cream

2 sessions & already seeing huge reduction

Thanks Amy! You make me feel so comfortable & I can already see a huge reduction in the hair on my bikini line after just 2 sessions.

Laser hair removal

Dermalux after my Indiba

Have been having Indiba for years & love the tightening. The Dermalux treatment seems to have given my skin an extra boost & is so lovely & restful…..I could just lie under the lights forever. Thanks for recommending it Jade.


Immediate results

Having had hydrafacials for over 6 months now I can say I am thrilled. I saw my skin was so much brighter, even after the first one. My skin is getting better each time. It’s nice to chat over my progress & find out what other treatments I can have. Looking forward to my peel Charlie!
Love the ZO products.


Winning combo of medical experience and artistic ability at the impressive Radiance Medispa

When you choose Dr Ros as your practitioner you are not only benefitting from her vast medical experience but also her artistry. For me it was important to know I was in safe medical hands of course, but as important was to know that my doctor would have an incredible eye for faces and the artistic ability to achieve a natural looking result. Ros has this ability and then some! My results are natural looking and yet have achieved my aim. To have a doctor who has dedicated her practice to aesthetics is very reassuring and her passion for her job shines through when you meet her. The commitment Radiance has to keeping up to date with the latest treatments is also very impressive, the Hydrafacial is wonderful! Exeter is lucky to have such a dazzling medispa led by the hugely talented and experienced Dr Ros.

Botox, Dermal Filler, Hydrafacial

Lip, Cheek, Chin & Tear Trough

I’ve had derminal fillers in many places and totally in love with it! I couldn’t be without it and would not go anywhere else. Dr Ros has your full intrest at heart as she doesn’t do it by amounts, instead it’s based on what you need to enhance your area of concern. This provided me with confidence that she cares about my appearance as apposed to my money. I have built up a great report with Dr Ros and would trust her with anything. She excels in everything she does and makes you feel a million dollars by not only her treatments but her kind words too.

Lip, Cheek, Chin & Tear Trough


I’ve had cool sculpting on two areas: double chin and lower abdominal. I have never experienced a treatment like this before, I want to experience it again & again! The cooling sensation is slightly uncomfortable but only for a matter of minutes. The results are totally worth it! I have been struggling to get rid of fat on these two subbon areas and this has proven to be the only thing which has worked despite focusing on them at the gym.

Cool Sculpting

Natural looking Botox

Fab assessment & my frown lines have gone yet I still look natural!



After complaining of my dull skin I was advised following a consultation to have a chemical peel by Charlie. I was provided with a full explanation of what the treatment entails, side effects and sensations. Charlie spoke to me throughout the full treatment providing a formative explanation onwhat she was doing helping me understand and be at ease. Post treatment I sent Charlie a photo of my skin when the skin started to peel for reassurance and she went out her way to show me that this was normal. I loved the treatment and will be back for more.

Chemical Peel

What’s not to love!

I have visited Radiance on numerous occasions for my Botox treatment which has been carried out by both Dr Ros & Nurse Helen. I have only had Botox in two areas as they both said having the crows feet done was not necessary on myself. This provided me with confidence that they are happy to provide an amount suitable for my face with my best interest and not doing the full amount solely for a sales purpose. I am always told what to expect before, during and after treatment. I would highly recommend and will continue to book my future appointments with them.



Today I came to see Dr Ros for my first ever botox treatment, after having a full consultation last week. Dr Ros was excellent and I am so delighted that I decided on Radiance MediSpa.
The treatment did not hurt at all and everything was explained to me.
The reception staff are great, Kate put me at ease as I was a little nervous.
Thank you Dr Ros, Kate and the amazing staff at Radiance MediSpa.



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