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Facial Botox Areas

Reduce the signs of facial ageing

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Botox for ‘Crow’s feet’

The problem: As we age, and due to repeatedly smiling and squinting

especially in the sun, we develop creases that are visible even when we are not smiling or squinting giving an aged appearance.

Botox for ‘Crow’s feet’ is aimed at reducing the muscle power of the Orbicularis Oculi muscle  that is used when squinting and smiling. Botox here still preserves the natural smile creases so giving the ‘natural look’.

It is important to assess the skin laxity in the under eye area before injection. Botox in this area can also be used to elevate the brow.

  • The purple circles indicate possible injection points into the Orbicularis oculi muscles

Botox for horizontal lines on the forehead

The problem: Due to repeatedly lifting our eyebrows we develop creases that are present even when our faces are at rest giving an aged appearance. Some people have very expressive faces and so tend to develop permanent lines at an earlier age.

The number and depth of lines varies due to the thickness of the skin, the amount of collagen in the skin and the muscle distribution. Everyone’s facial muscles differ in size and position which is why an assessment by a fully trained practitioner is so important.

Asymmetry of the brow can also be corrected as can elevation of the brows

Botox for frown lines & bridge of the nose

The problem: Due to using the muscles that cause us to frown or make a cross expression we develop creases in the ‘Glabellar area’ between the brows and at the bridge of the nose.

Some people also use these muscles when concentrating. A common complaint is that strangers will say “ Don’t look so worried, it may never happen!”.

These muscles are the Procerus and Corrugator Supercilii. Botox in this area also can lift the middle of the forehead area giving a brighter, more awake look.

Botox for Bunny lines

The problem: Many people ‘wrinkle’ their noses as part of their everyday expressions. Repeatedly doing this can cause permanent creases on the face.

Botox for the neck: Platysmal Bands

The problem: As we age the Platysma muscle tends to split and form bands that stick out when we strain or make certain facial expressions.

The number & length of the bands varies from person to person. Botox injections along the line of the muscle weakens it and smoothes out the skin.

Botox for the neck:  Necklace Lines

The problem: As we age we get the formation of creases horizontally around the neck which gives an aged appearance.

Small injections of Botox along the lines smoothes out the skin giving a younger look.

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