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Chemical Peels

Using ZO & SkinCeuticals products

From £100

The Problem

As we age the skin cell turnover slows down and the skin starts to look dull and loose youthful lustre. Damage from our environment and UV light can cause fine lines, age spots & rough texture. Additionally blocked pores, sometimes related to hormonal changes can give rise to black heads and acne.


Chemical peel treatments that are used at Radiance MediSpa are formulated so that they cause little to no peeling. Just the very superficial layers of skin are shed to improve overall skin function and leaving your skin radiant. Controlled penetration of the skin helps stimulate cell renewal and regenerate a healthier appearance. Some deeper peels with downtime can be used if necessary. This is one of the choice of treatments in our memberships and can be had in combination with others.

A Glycolic peel is part of the Hydrafacial treatment.


 How does a Chemical Peel work?

Many clients are frightened of chemical peels having seen the very deep ones carried out on some of the popular TV programs. At Radiance MediSpa we use the latest ZO and Sesderma peels that ‘achieve the peel’ at the time and give little to no peeling after the treatment yet still get the results.

The solution applied helps to remove the damaged skin cells via a chemical reaction. The skin is first cleansed then a preparatory solution is applied before the peel itself. The peel is left on the skin for 2-10 minutes depending on the type of peel. Some pels are actually left on the skin and will self- neutralise.

 The Results

Our latest Hollywood non-peel peel can be used even on the day of a special event and leaves the skin bright, refreshed and beautifully smooth. Make up can be applied straight afterwards. Deeper peels will cause some skin shedding like mild ‘skin dandruff’ whilst the very deep ones cause obvious peeling.

 The Downtime

This depends on the depth of peel but with most of our peels there is no downtime. Sunscreen should be used after a peel as we would advise every client to use.

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Where can a Chemical Peel be applied?

A chemical peel procedure can be used to treat the face, neck, hands, chest and back.

How much does a Chemical Peel cost?

Chemical Peels cost £100 – £120 depending on the peel used.

How do I book an appointment for a Chemical Peel?

If you are considering a Chemical Peel call us on 01392 277 799 to book a complimentary consultation with Katie, Charlotte, Jade, Harriet or Amy.

Case Studies



After complaining of my dull skin I was advised following a consultation to have a chemical peel by Charlie. I was provided with a full explanation of what the treatment entails, side effects and sensations. Charlie spoke to me throughout the full treatment providing a formative explanation onwhat she was doing helping me understand and be at ease. Post treatment I sent Charlie a photo of my skin when the skin started to peel for reassurance and she went out her way to show me that this was normal. I loved the treatment and will be back for more.

Chemical Peel

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