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Clear + Brilliant

A pore reduction & anti-ageing laser treatment


Enlarged pores

Enlarged pores tend to be worse in women than in men and increase with age. Make-up tends to accentuate them too, making it hard to achieve flawless skin. They are also more noticeable and severe in adult acne than in acne in teens.

Clear + Brilliant was developed by Solta Medical who developed fractional laser  and Thermage FLX treatments. They realised that with modifications they could achieve a results in pore size without the downtime associated with fractional laser.

The Problem

Enlarged pores on the face are not a desired look especially when compared to the flawless finish of youthful clear skin. Genetics play an important part in development of enlarged pores.

Also, when we reach puberty there is more oil produced in the skin and often a build up of skin cells at the top of the pore which then blocks it and swells the pore even more. Pore size tends to increase with age, especially around the chin and cheek areas.

Large pores tend to hold makeup which can often accentuate them rather than hide them. The makeup, unless it is monaural based, will tend to clog the pores more and can lead to active acne and then acne scarring.

Clear + Brilliant is based on fractional laser technology, microdermabrasion

It is one of the treatments in our memberships.

The Treatment

Clear + Brilliant takes skin care to a whole new level. It is laser skin enhancement that treats and helps prevent the signs of ageing. The gentle laser will help to restore luminosity and smoothness to your skin, reduce pore size and give you a youthful glow.

Local anaesthetic cream is applied to your face, neck or décolletage to numb the skin. The treatment is then virtually painless and involves the laser light being rolled over your skin. A treatment takes up to an hour depending on the area being covered.

About Clear + brilliant

  • Solta Medical , the makers of Thermage the skin tightening device developed Clear + Brilliant
  • Local anaesthetic cream is used numb the skin before a treatment
  • The skin appears red usually only for a few hours
  • The skin will feel rough and a bit dry for several days
  • A course of 3-5 treatments are required for a reduction in pore size
  • As a ‘one off’ it is great treatment about 10 days before a special event.

What treatments can be combined with Clear + Brilliant?

  • A week or so before a Clear + Brilliant a mild peel can be used to remove the dead cells to get a deeper treatment.
  • Alternating Nanopore or combined mesotherapy treatments with Clear + Brilliant is an effective way of dealing with large pores and also gives more skin tightening.
  • LED light therapy further enhances the results whether started before, on the day of treatment or afterwards.


What else can Clear + Brilliant be used for?

  • Maintenance for bright, healthy skin that is more effective than a facial
  • Improvement in skin texture
  • Reduction in redness of the skin
  • Improved clarity and brightness of the skin

The Results

  • Visibly brightened skin tone
  • Renewed, ultra-soft and smoother texture
  • Naturally radiant and glowing skin
  • Improved tone, texture and radiance
  • Reduced pore size

How many Clear + Brilliant treatments are recommended?

One treatment will give you lovely results when done about 10 days before a special event. A course of 3 treatments about 2 weeks apart is recommended,  then 1 every 6 weeks as maintenance. For pore reduction a course of 4-6 is recommended.

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Where can I be treated with Clear + Brilliant?

Clear and Brilliant can be used anywhere on your face and body.

How do I book an appointment for Clear + Brilliant?

If you are considering Clear + Brilliant call us to book a complimentary consultation with Katie Debenham.

How much does Clear + Brilliant treatment cost?

Clear + Brilliant treatment costs £240.

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