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Halo Hair Restoration

Stimulates the body to produce thicker, healthier hair


What is Halo Elite Hair Restoration?

Halo Elite Hair restoration is an FDA approved treatment that stimulates hair growth without the need for drugs or hair transplant surgery.

What causes hair loss and baldness?

5-DHT is a metabolite of the hormone testosterone and is responsible for hair loss. Male pattern baldness affects 6.5 million men in the UK and a staggering 8 million women have some hair thinning without actual baldness. Men often resort to shaving their heads whilst women go to extreme lengths using products and styling to reduce the appearance of thinning hair.

What are the psychological effects of thinning hair?

The psychological effects of thinning hair on both sexes, whether young or old are huge. So often self esteem and self confidence are lost especially as sufferers tend to keep their problem to themselves seeking expensive ‘over the counter’ products that do not give results.

The Hair loss process

When the hair starts to look thinner it is actually the individual strands of hair that become finer. With time, however, the weakened follicles actually stop producing hair and then there is overt baldness. Halo Elite Laser treatments are ideally started at this stage. The length of time when the hair follicles can be ‘wakened up’ to start producing hair again once they have stopped varies from person to person.

How does Halo Hair Restoration work?

Halo Elite uses a laser light to strengthen the hair follicles and give them the energy to revert to producing thicker, healthier hairs. Any thin strands of hair become thicker and the follicles that have stopped producing hairs can be ‘woken up’. Supplements should be taken on a regular basis to provide the ‘building blocks’ for the new hair.

What assessment process is needed before treatment can be started?

At your initial complimentary assessment Dr Ros Debenham or Katie Debenham will use the special microscope to visualise the individual strands of hair to demonstrate the thinner strands in the temple, front of the head or at the crown yet thick, healthy strands at the back and sides of the head.

What is the treatment process for Halo Hair Restoration?

A Halo Elite treatment consists of 78 treatments of twelve and half minutes over a course of the year. The Halo Elite laser looks like an old fashioned hairdresser’s hair dryer. The treatment is painless and there are no side effects. On the day of your treatment you should wash your hair using the special shampoo to remove any grease or dead cells on the scalp. The shampoos, conditioners and serums will be discussed at your initial consultation and will further add to your results.

How many treatments are required?

Two treatments of twelve and half minutes a week for the first 6 months, followed by one a week for 6 months are required. 78 treatments over the course of a year are required. Treatments missed for holidays etc are added on to the end of the year. Thereafter, one treatment every 6 weeks along with your hair cut is required for maintenance.

Other treatments that can resolve Hair Loss:

Nanopore Micro-needling device is the next generation on from Dermaroller and Dermapen.  The recovery after a treatment is also considerably reduced. The fact that the device is used to push the active ingredients into the skin (mesotherapy) means that the results are even better.


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