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Rejuvenate, tighten and firm your skin


The Problem

After the age of 30 and certainly as we go through the menopause the amount of collagen we produce diminishes. Collagen helps to keep are skin supple and tight so lack of it means we are prone to wrinkles and sagging skin which becomes most evident at the jaw lines producing ‘jowls’.

Areas that are often neglected yet show our age are the hands and neck. All the expensive clothes, accessories and make up cannot hide ageing skin. A face lift is an option but far too drastic for most of us and with today’s new techniques is not always necessary.

What is Indiba?

Indiba can help with:

  • Rejuvenation – collagen stimulation
  • Contouring
  • Reduction of cellulite
  • Removal of toxins
  • Firming – collagen stimulation
  • Improving skin tone
  • Tightening – collagen stimulation
  • Uplifting
  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Improving circulation
  • Decongesting
  • Relaxation

How does Indiba work?

Indiba raises the internal temperature of the tissues as part of a relaxing yet effective treatment. This stimulates collagen production and increases the circulation, tightening the skin and improving the delivery of nutrients and removal of waste products.

 The Treatment

After cleansing your skin a cream is applied and a button shaped electrode is smoothed over the lymphatic drainage points on the neck and face. This, in essence, ‘clears out the pipes’ so that the toxic waste can be removed from the skin as the rejuvenation process begins.

Then the electrode is smoothed over the whole neck, face and eye area. A second frequency is then used that treats the lower levels of the skin to give even more tightening. The final step of the Indiba treatment is when the electrode is placed on the therapist’s arm thus enabling the energy to flow through her finger tips into your skin.

Using her finger tips, the therapist can work closely around the eye are in particular. This is the most relaxing part of the treatment. Afterwards antioxidants and other prescriptive products are applied to your skin along with sun cream.

Unless you have had a Thermage treatment we recommend for best results that you have an initial course of 6 treatments ideally within 3 weeks, and then maintenance every 4-6 weeks.


 Down time for Indiba treatment

There is no visible down time although your hair may well be a bit ruffled! Many clients have their Indiba before their hair cut on a 4-6 six weekly basis.

Can Indiba be combined with other treatments?

Just like going to the gym to do different exercises, collagen stimulation improves by doing different treatments using different modalities that may also address different concerns such as pigmentation, large pores etc. It can also be combined with a Chemical Peel with the Peel being done straight afterwards giving even deeper results.

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How long does Indiba last?

Face – When receiving a facial Indiba treatment you should have a course of six within three weeks. Thereafter a single maintenance treatment is required every four to six weeks.

Body – Depending on the reason for the treatment a course of eight to ten should be done initially within three to four weeks and then maintained every four to six weeks.

How do I book an appointment for Indiba?

If you are considering Indiba visit our contact us page and call to book a complimentary consultation to find out everything you need to know about Indiba.

How much does Indiba treatment cost?

An Indiba treatment is £120 per treatment for the face and neck.

How long does an Indiba session take?

Each individual session will take 45 mins to an hour. Six initial sessions are recommended over 2 -3 weeks, followed by one treatment a month to maintain the results. This is one of the choice of treatments in our memberships and can be had in combination with others.

Case Studies


Dermalux after my Indiba

Have been having Indiba for years & love the tightening. The Dermalux treatment seems to have given my skin an extra boost & is so lovely & restful…..I could just lie under the lights forever. Thanks for recommending it Jade.


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