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Skin Conditioning and Hydrating Treatment

£300 per treatment or £250 with Botox or other filler -

The Problem

The lower third of the face tends to show more wrinkles & sagging due to the ageing phenomenon and eventually leads to ‘jowl formation’. The whole face loses plumpness starting from as young as 30 especially when we spend a lot of our lives dehydrated.

The Solution

Profhilo is a specific (HA) hyaluronic acid filler that stimulates the body to produce it’s own HA as well as stimulating skin tightening.

In which areas can it be used?

It is used on the lower face & neck. Improvement is seen around the eyes, cheeks, upper lip, jowls & neck.

The Treatment

2mls of Profhilo are injected per treatment on the face or neck. There are 5 specific points per side of the face or neck. A course of 3 treatments a month apart are recommended. Maintenance is one treatment every 4-6 months.

The Downtime

The injection points are not massaged hence there will be little swellings like bee stings that usually subside within 24-48 hrs but are really hardly visible. Occasionally there may be little bruises.


As with any injections, it is important not to touch the areas as much as possible & avoid makeup for 24hrs.

The Cost

£300 per treatment or £750 as a course of 3. Maintenance £300 or £250 at the same time as a Botox or filler treatment with Nurse Helen or Dr Ros.

Treatments carried out by Nurse Helen.

Combine with:

Botox, other fillers, our membership collagen stimulating treatments, ZO & Sesderma skin care & Skinade supplement drink.

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