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Fractional Laser Skin Treatment

£325 - £375

Many people think that wrinkles and saggy skin cannot be improved without surgery or total laser ablation of the skin. ResurFACE fractional laser technology was introduced to deliver results comparable to the traditional fully ablative resurfacing procedures, but without the associated prolonged downtime.

The Problem – Wrinkles & Sagging Skin

As we age the amount of collagen and elastin that we produce in the skin reduces. The body relies on collagen to keep the skin tight and prevent sagging. Collagen also gets depleted due to everyday exposure to UVA light, smoking, stress etc and results in sagging skin, wrinkles (fine and deep) and the ‘jowly’ appearance.

The Problem – Stretch Marks

Stretch marks are caused when the skin rapidly stretches as a result of sudden growth (pregnancy), at puberty, or with weight gain. The stretching causes the body’s middle layer of skin (dermis) to tear, allowing the deeper skin layers to show through, forming stretch marks. The location of stretch marks varies depending on a person’s body type but typically occur on the tummy, breasts, upper arms, bottom, thighs & shoulders.

What is ResurFace?

ResurFACE fractional laser treatment provides a versatile range of different fractional resurfacing laser treatments that essentially produce 40 tiny holes per sq cm. Multiple pulses can be done as well as a thermal (heat) element applied for a more aggressive treatment. Because the skin surrounding the holes is left intact the healing process is rapid, hence the reduced downtime compared to traditional resurfacing treatments.

Your Practitioner

All ResurFACE treatments are performed by Katie, Charlotte, Jade and Amy who hold laser qualifications in the use of this treatment.

The consultation procedure

After an initial assessment by Katie, Charlotte, Jade or Amy, if ResurFace is right for you, you will be offered a treatment at a date convenient to you. You must not have been in the sun or used fake tan for at least 2 weeks prior to treatment.

Where can ResurFace be used?

ResurFace can be used on the following areas of the face and body highlighted in the image below.

Face, neck, décolletage, breasts, inner arms, thighs, tummy, bottom, flanks.


How does ResurFace work?

Minute sections of the skin are targeted with laser light, which penetrates into the tissue causing small columns of thermal damage which in turn stimulates significant collagen production. The surrounding non-affected areas of skin aid the body’s natural recovery process, allowing dramatic results without significant downtime.

The ResurFace treatment

The treatment feels like the flick of an elastic band on the skin. You will have a cooling jet of air on the skin because after the treatment the skin feels very hot. You will wear protective goggles throughout the treatment process.

ResurFace special offer

Radiance MediSpa are currently offering 4 treatments for the price of 3, including free light soothe.

  • A face course of 4 treatments for £1125 (saving £394.50)
  • A neck a course of 4 £975 (saving £344.50)
  • A face & neck a course of 4 £1950 (saving £869.50)

What to expect after ResurFace?

You will experience a ‘sunburn’ sensation in the hours after your treatment and your skin may be red for 1 to 2 days or more, depending on the strength of the treatment.

Red skin indicates that the skin is healing at a deep level. During this time swelling is likely but usually resolves in 2 to 3 days. As the healing process occurs, your skin may have a bronzed appearance that lasts from 3 to 10 days, depending on the treatment level.

Your skin will naturally exfoliate and may flake as if you had mild sunburn.

How ResurFace is carried out?

The skin is cleansed and the hand-piece is moved over the skin delivering tiny microscopic laser beams. Typical treatment times vary depending on the skin condition and the area being treated, but will range from 20-60 minutes. After the treatment the skin is cooled. Protective eyewear must be worn during the treatment.

Downtime for ResurFace?

The downtime depends on the number of pulses used and if there has been a thermal element. All the therapists have had the treatment so know how it feels, and all about the downtime.

Something to remember is that we are very aware of slight changes in our face (swelling and redness) but most people just do not notice! You may want to take a few days off work or plan the treatment for a Friday when you have your first treatment.

ResurFace side effects?

Skin redness, swelling and the bronzing appearance described previously are all expected outcomes of the treatment. Other unwanted effects are rare but can include a small blister or temporary change to skin pigmentation, such as a darkening of the skin.

Am I suitable for ResurFace?

ResurFace is suitable for most people and highly recommended for individuals wanting a brighter, more even skin tone, smooth skin texture with improved skin elasticity, reduction of wrinkles, reduced pore size and improvement to scars (including acne scars) and stretch marks.

How many treatments are necessary?

Improvement is evident after the first session, but for optimum results 3 to 5 treatment sessions are advised. Treatment is carried out every 2 to 6 weeks, depending upon your schedule and when results are wanted.

The effects improve over time, even weeks and months after a treatment. The skin seems to recognise subsequent treatments more readily and respond more rapidly with collagen production, just like exercising to improve fitness.

How much does ResurFace cost?

£375 for a full face, £325 for the neck. Other areas such as décolletage, knees, tummy dependant on area.

Full face and neck together £650. We recommend that you have face & neck done on separate days initially.

A course of 3-5 is recommended every 2-6 weeks.

Can I have ResurFace when I am receiving other treatments?

Fractional Resurfacing can be done in combination with many other treatments such as Botox & dermal fillers.

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