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Have you got patches of dark areas of skin on your face, hands or body? Areas of pigmentation are often called age spots or liver spots and are ageing. Pigmentation is usually due to sun exposure over the years or sunbed usage. The melanocytes (pigment cells in the skin) become damaged over time and produce random, sometimes excessive amounts of pigment that spoils the flawless appearance of the skin. Most women use foundation to give an overall uniformity of their complexion and fear being seen without makeup. 

Sun UVA & UVB sunscreen is the most important preventative product but antioxidant creams are also very useful. Retinol along with hydroquinone & non-hydroquinone products can also be used. Peeling & redness may be a side effect of the more aggressive protocols although most will have some degree of peeling. Book an appointment with one of the therapists to discuss which skincare products to use to compliment your treatment.


Before / After

Sun damage over the years that caused both pigmentation of the skin and small red veins. One laser treatment reduced the pigmentation and some of the red veins giving a much clearer complexion. The client was very happy with this result and continued using ZO skin care products to prevent recurrence. She rarely needs to wear foundation now and this has improved her confidence.