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Skin Improvement

Having clear, uniform and glowing skin is more a sign of youth and beauty than skin that is wrinkle free.

There are many things that affect the condition of the skin, eg: hydration, diet, genetics, hormones, sun exposure and makeup, among other things. With so much to choose from it is important to get the correct, professional advice. This is what we do at Radiance.



Treatments that improve the condition of your skin aim to improve the texture, reduce pore size, remove veins and pigment and tighten the skin.

Skincare products, makeup, supplements are also all important. There is so much available in shops and on the internet, but sadly they often do more harm than good.

Collagen stimulating treatments that tighten the skin include:

  • Treatments with no downtime: Thermage, Indiba, Collagen facial, some chemical peels, laser rejuvenation
  • Treatments with minimal down time/peeling: some chemical peels
  • Treatments with minimal downtime/redness: Nanopore microneedling, clear + brilliant, first level fractional resurfacing
  • Treatments with more downtime: swelling & bruising : PDO threads
  • Treatments with even more downtime/scabs: Plasma pen

Peels can be used for: Wrinkles, tightening, pigmentation, acne, Rosacea and dull skin.

The peel applied will be tailored to your skin concerns. There will be tingling & the degree of peeling may be little to none or more depending on the peel type.

Treatment is every 4-6 weeks. prices from £100.


Skin Care Products

Most of you have tried expensive & cheap over the counter skin care products that contain very little & not seen improvement in your skin. ZO products are not available to buy except from trained therapists as they are medical grade products. The results they give are proof of the pudding. Ask your therapist or at reception about our products & which would be best for your skin.

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